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Sex Dolls

Sometimes your own hand just doesn’t do the job and finding a partner isn’t possible. If you are looking to level up your fun in the bedroom, browse OnBuy’s range of sex dolls. Ranging from blow-up sex dolls to realistic ones made from silicone, you’ll find your perfect partner right here.

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Looking to buy Sex Dolls?

When you need something more than your hands or regular sex toys, OnBuy’s range of sex dolls for women and sex doll for men will help you cross the finish line in no time. 

What are sex dolls?

Sex dolls are exactly what they sound like. They are dolls, created in the image of a person, with which you can have sex. They are most commonly made to look and feel like women, however, male sex dolls are also available. 

There are a variety of different types of sex dolls you can choose between, from basic blow-up babes to realistic-looking silicone bombshells. They typically offer you multiple entrances for you to use to pleasure yourself and can even feature interchangeable parts and warming functions for a realistic feel. 

What types of sex dolls are there?

There are many types of sex dolls available but we will cover the ones that are commonly found.

Most commonly used as a prank product, blow-up sex dolls for men are what initially come to mind for many. Their rudimentary holes and shocked, open mouth expression are iconic to these types of dolls. Their design is basic but functional, offering you an affordable way to experience pleasure. They can burst a seam fairly easily though so if you’re looking for something more permanent, keep reading. 

Silicone sex dolls offer a huge variety of option. From full-sized dolls to isolated body parts, these are the ideal option if you are looking for something to use regularly. You can select models that range from just a pair of hips and thighs, just a mouth, or a miniature full-body model designed to look like a real girl. These are some of the most discreet options you can buy.

Far-flung from the inflatable sex dolls that barely resemble a person, realistic sex dolls look just like the real thing and feel like it too. Often the size of a real person and sporting various orifices for you to have your way with, these dolls can offer you incredible stimulation. Due to their size, they are less discreet than smaller models but if you want to simulate making love with a person, these sex dolls for men will do the job.

Frequently asked questions about sex dolls

Why should I get a sex doll?

Sex dolls are great for people who want the intimacy of a touching a physical body before, during and after sex even when they don’t have a partner. Many sex dolls are customisable with different attachments and accessories that allow you to live out your fantasies. Sex dolls are usually associated with single men, but that’s a misconception. Sex dolls are fairly popular with couples who want to experiment, for example, and plenty of single women buy sex dolls, too.

How should I store my sex doll?

You need to take care of your doll if you want to keep using it. The best way to storage your doll is to hang it in your wardrobe. Its limbs need to be in the resting position to prevent wear and tear. You should always store you doll away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

How should I clean my sex doll?

Once you’ve finished having sex with your doll you should wash all of its orifices. If you just cuddle with your doll, you will still need to clean it once every 3 to 4 days. You need to wash it with warm water and unscented soap. If the orifices are not detachable, you should use a vaginal irrigator - make sure you always use a tool that’s recommended by the seller.

What material should I choose when buying a sex doll?

Almost all realistic sex dolls are made from thermoplastic rubber (TPE) or silicone. You need to pay attention to which material your doll is made from, as you’ll need to care for it in different ways. The care for these two differ, and you need to see what your manufacturer advises you to do. Silicone is usually more body-safe, so that’s the preferred option if you’re picking between the two.

What's the difference between silicone and TPE sex dolls?

As mentioned above, there are some key difference between these two popular sex doll materials. First and foremost, silicone sex dolls are typically much easier to clean and are body-safe, but they are harder than the TPE alternatives and are often more expensive. However, TPE is softer and typically mimics the natural movement of soft and squishy areas of the body (we're sure you can use your imagination!). Despite these advantages, they're more susceptible to damage as they're not as hardwearing as silicone sex dolls and they require more care and cleaning to keep them in good condition.

How long should a sex doll last?

This all depends on how often you use your sex doll, the type and durability of the material, and how often you take care of and maintain your sex doll. However, they can last anywhere between two to ten years, so if you want your sex doll to last, then remember to follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

Popular Brands in Sex Dolls

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California Exotic
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Doc Johnson
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