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Decided it's time to stop smoking? Congratulations! Here to help you to stamp out that cigarette for good is our smoking cessation selection. Go traditional with nicotine gum or nicotine lozenges, slap on and forget with nicotine patches or get a quick fix anytime with nicotine inhalers. You’ve got this!

We all know how bad smoking is for us, and that’s why millions of smokers decide to quit every year. But those cravings run deep, and so many people find themselves lighting up again after the withdrawal headaches get bad enough. You don’t have to quit cold turkey though, let OnBuy’s selection of smoking cessation products help keep the edge off and let you stop smoking for good! You can get nicotine into your system in all kinds of ways, from nicotine gum to inhalers and patches, and you’ll find products from tried and tested quitting brands like Nicorette and Nicotinell in this category!

Nicotine gum and lozenges

The most popular type of smoking cessation product is nicotine gum. Usually presented in small white or beige coloured squares, these products slowly release their dose of nicotine over 30 minutes for long lasting relief. Another benefit of nicotine gum is that all that chewing can help you deal with some of the stress caused by withdrawing.

Another super popular smoking cessation product is nicotine lozenges. They work similarly to nicotine gum in that the nicotine is absorbed through the mouth - the only difference is that you don’t have to chew! Just hold the lozenge in your mouth and let it dissolve over time. This stealthy form of nicotine supplement is ideal for use in the office, as no one will be able to tell you’re keeping those withdrawals away.

Since these products are so popular they’re available in multiple strengths. This helps you not only stop smoking, but transfer off the nicotine kick entirely, as you slowly transition from stronger to weaker nicotine doses, until those cravings are gone for good!

Nicotine patches, sprays & inhalers

Another popular smoking cessation product is the steadfast nicotine patch. Apply it on a smooth, hairless part of your body and it will give you a small amount of nicotine over the course of a whole day - you’ll never once get a craving! These products are especially good for tiding your body over as you sleep. Any smoker knows that their first cigarette of the day is the most tempting, so getting rid of that early morning craving is a welcome relief!

A slightly newer variety of products to help you stop smoking are inhalers and sprays. These give you an immediate hit of nicotine when you spray or suck on them. If you want to get rid of cravings quickly, these products are for you. Nicotine inhalers are particularly useful because they’re shaped exactly like a cigarette and help to replicate the hand-to-mouth action of smoking. If you really miss the feel of holding a cigarette between your fingers, they’re absolutely fantastic! With OnBuy’s help, you’ll put out your cigarette cravings for good!

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