Toilet Accessories

Toilet Accessories Overview

OnBuy’s collection of toilet accessories is anything but bog standard! Whether you desire to outfit your commode with low-key, inexpensive accessories or you’re searching for luxurious and exuberant toilet accessories in stainless steel and bronze, you’ll find a wondrous assortment of toilet seats, brushes and more in this category - get shopping!

Don’t neglect your toilet! Fully fit it out with OnBuy’s stockpile of toilet accessories. From toilet seats to toilet brush holders, we’ve got everything you could want to transform your toilet into a paradise. Read on to find out more about what you could pick up in the Toilet Accessories category.

Toilet seats and toilet paper holders

It’s one of the most used seats in our home, so it’s a little strange that we rarely think about our toilet seats. A lot of people are happy with the plain white porcelain or plastic toilet seats that their toilet came with originally. But if you fancy an upgrade, the OnBuy toilet accessories category is where you’ll find them. We have attractive wooden toilet seats and toilet seats made from black quartz in this category, plus a range of fluffy toilet seats that will keep your rear warm when you’re at your most vulnerable. You might even find a few toilet seats in this category with printed patterns on them!

Another avenue for stylishly upgrading your bathroom that often goes unnoticed is the toilet paper holder. These toilet accessories are often made from plastic, but why settle for that when there are so many more attractive options? A toilet roll holder made from stainless steel will look amazing in a modern bathroom. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of filigreed bathtubs and bronze taps you can complete your bathroom’s victorian look with a toilet roll holder made from cast iron.

Toilet brushes

As much as we’d like to avoid mentioning dirty toilets, there’s no getting around it when we talk about this next set of toilet accessories: Toilet brushes. Their role isn’t pleasant, but it's absolutely essential if you want your toilet to remain spotlessly clean and hygienic. Thanks to the hard work of our awesome verified sellers, even toilet brushes can glam up your bathroom if you choose the right one.

In this category you’ll find a wide variety of toilet brush designs. If you’d like to keep your toilet head brush out of sight and out of mind as much as possible, you’ll find toilet brushes that hide their bristles entirely in this category. Alternatively, you can get traditional: there are many toilet brushes in this section with classic holders made from weighty, luxuriant metals like copper and zinc. Whatever style of toilet brush you end up choosing, know that you’ll find no better selection of these essential toilet accessories than at OnBuy!

Toilet accessories are important, but they’re just one set of bathroom supplies that every well stocked bathroom should have. Check out our bathroom storage and organisation selection to keep all of your shampoos, body washes and smellies close at hand. And there’s nothing better after a hot shower or bath than drying yourself off with a luxuriantly fluffy towel - consult our bathroom linen category to find the fluffiest!

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