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Vibration Plates & Power Plates

Find a new way to work out that offers a real buzz. Offering nothing but good vibrations, our vibration plates are the innovative exercise accessory that allows you to burn fat, tone up, and strengthen your entire body in a convenient way. Offering some of the best power plate machines on the market, you won’t be disappointed when you’re shaking your way to the top of your fitness goals. Find out more about our best vibration plate exercise machines and see the different types of vibration plate we have to offer.

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Looking to buy Vibration Plates & Power Plates?

How do vibration plates work?

Originally designed in the 1960s, vibration plates have evolved over the years into the fitness enhancing go-to addition to any modern gym. Now, we at OnBuy have made life easier, allowing you to bring the gym home to you, with some of our state-of-the-art best home vibration plates in the UK.

Vibration plates use a series of motors built under the foot pad to send high-speed vibrations through all of your body at once. These so-called full body vibrations stimulate your body in a way that it isn’t used to, forcing your muscles to contract and relax more often than they normally do. This activity is essentially a form of exercise and can help you build muscle and burn calories. Power plates have extensive benefits, so buy yours today and begin hitting your fitness goals.

Vibration plate benefits

You may well be wondering whether a vibration plate workout really does work. Our power plate machines offer a wide range of benefits in terms of your health and fitness. Additionally, as we offer some of the best home vibration plates in the UK, you don’t even need to go to the gym to reap the rewards these innovative power plates have to offer. If you put in the work, combine our power plates for sale with a healthy diet and lifestyle and use them correctly, you can enjoy a weight loss solution involving minimal time and minimal effort, but with maximum results. We offer no shortcuts here, but if you combine one of the best power plate machines with adequate cardio exercise, you can be sure to achieve your fitness goals.

Save time

Sometimes, a long, laborious, cardio-based workout on a machine such as a treadmill or motorised running machine can feel like too much. Skipping workouts because you don’t have the energy is no longer an issue with a vibration plate workout. By using a power plate machine, you can simply get your body into the correct position, and the innovative technology within some of the best vibration plates in the UK will do most of the hard work for you. Our power plates for sale force your muscles to contract and relax more than they usually would, meaning your body must work harder to remain in position, without you even noticing it. With a workout that intensifies the effort you put in for you, you won’t need to hold yourself in a position as long as you would if it were on a normal hard floor surface. Plank, squat, or step your way to a well-toned, fine-tuned physique, while saving time in the process.

Low impact

A vibration plate workout also has the benefit of being exceptionally low impact. This means no matter your age or fitness level, a vibration plate exercise machine can help you reach your fitness goals. Low impact means added protection to your joints, allowing you to reduce strain and damage on your hips, knees, and ankles. Even if you are currently recovering from an injury, you can absolutely use some of our different types of vibration plate machines. Furthermore, when you buy a vibration plate from us, using one can actually aid your recovery, offering you a low impact workout solution when you are unable to perform any other forms of exercise. Low impact also means you can ease your way into exercise following an injury. With some of the very best home vibration plates, you can even begin to rebuild your strength without leaving the house.

Adjust your workout to suit you

With the easily adjustable functionality of all some of our different vibrations plates, you can alter the settings to meet your own fitness level. There are many different positions and the best vibration plate exercise machine exercises you can apply to suit the varying fitness needs of each and every person. As you begin to increase your strength, balance, and mobility, you will be able to try new, more advanced power plate machine exercises, further assisting you with your fitness goals. See our full range of vibration plate machines for sale and find the perfect type of vibration plate to suit your needs.

Weight loss

Vibration plate machines can offer fantastic weight loss potential. With the ability to cut down an hour workout to 15 minutes with the best power plate machines, this is one of the most efficient weight loss and fat reduction solutions we at OnBuy have to offer. As little as 10 minutes per day can aid with weight loss. The functionality of our vibration plates also allows your body to intensify the effects of any other workouts you happen to do. Boosting your metabolism, you can lose fat at a higher rate, with much faster results. When you use one of the best power plate machines, your muscle fibres will strengthen which in turn, increases the amount of energy you expend when working out.

Tone muscles & increase your strength

As well as the benefits of weight loss, a vibration workout plate can also help you to tone muscle and increase your strength, all in one. Our power plates for sale allow you to put continuous pressure on your muscles by holding yourself in a different position. Even just standing on one of our vibration plate machines for sale can strengthen your legs and core! When you buy a vibration plate, you can also build strength and increase muscle mass by intensifying the settings within your power plate machine.

What exercises can be done on a vibration plate machine?

There are a variety of different exercises you can do on a vibration plate. If you wish to tone your body, you can hold your body in a position that engages the area you wish to target. For your lower body, you can do toe raises to tone your calves or hold squats to engage your quads and glutes. The beauty of using a power plate is that it offers a full body workout solution. You can do any abdominal exercises you wish to target your core, such as crunches, sit ups or abductor stretches. If it is your upper body you are wanting to target, you can even do shoulder presses or use the handles to work your pectorals and triceps. The choice really is yours. By increasing the intensity, you can begin to build muscle rather than tone, with some exercise even allowing you to use up to 90% of your muscles, all at once.

Vibration plates are the exceptionally effective, full body exercise machines that really do offer the entire package. For another type of exercise machine that you can fit into any home no matter how small, check out our space saving mini treadmills.

Do vibration plate machines work?

To put it simply, yes. Vibration plates are an extremely effective form of working out, allowing you to lose weight, tone muscle and even build up your strength if you use them correctly. As well as these benefits, they also have the potential to reduce bone loss, improve your balance and even assist with mobility, flexibility, and muscle soreness. With some of the very best types of vibration plates available to buy here, you won’t look back once you get hold of one of our power plates for sale. At OnBuy, shop your favourite brands here including Rattrix and AKG to discover affordable and effective vibration plates.

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