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Don't let soaring temperatures drag you down - OnBuy's collection of climate control appliances has all you need to keep offices and homes safe from sweltering! From soothing fans to all-powerful air cons, our catalogue of coolers is all you need to trounce top temperatures for some easy, breezy downtime.

When the thermometers are giving out numbers you can barely believe, the home you love or the office you're trying to crack on and work in can feel stifling - like the walls are closing in! Whether it's because you're in a building that's built to keep the heat, because the sun's streaming in through your windows, or simply because it's yet another heatwave, chill out - literally - with OnBuy's climate control appliances!

What are climate control appliances? Strictly speaking, it's any machine or device we use to keep our surroundings in check when it comes to temperature - especially the heat. So coolers like breezy fans and multifunctional air cons are both hugely popular examples, although coolers themselves can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes today.

When we're shivering instead of sweltering? It's time for radiators and electric heaters, even the odd electric blanket or two - lovely and cosy climate control appliances designed to keep you toasty!

It's all about understanding your space and considering which of our climate control appliances best work for you. For some of you, those timeless fans with their swivelling heads and spinning blades simply can't be beaten - while others among you might be moving on from fans and coolers to find the all-in-one go-big-or-go-home solution that only air cons can provide!

Should I consider getting air con?

A big part of when air cons are right for a property comes down to how often a given room or premises becomes insufferably hot to be within.

If you're suffering through the same heatwave as anyone else, they're still a viable idea, but many of us who go for air cons do so because our homes or workplaces become intolerably hot from the instant summertime begins - if not other seasons besides!

Air cons aren't as complex as they can sometimes appear, although it can feel daunting for those of us investing in this tech, considering it's so often otherwise been used in places far hotter than we might be used to.

Put simply, air cons are a solid investment with plenty of energy efficiency innovations and reduced noise technologies built in to modern units besides - OnBuy's range will definitely help to convince you of that!

Do fans actually cool the air?

While many have observed that fans will end up pushing the same hot air around a given room in the end, a lot of why that's seen to be the case is down to how and where people are setting up their fans.

These, as well as the coolers that so often have fans in them, are climate control appliances with far more science behind them than you might think - so much so that lively debates go on to this day as to where it's best to put your fans to beat the heat! Do you swear by corner fans, or prop yours by the window?

Here's a pro tip, however - it's the number of blades on fans, and the angle they're at, that makes some fans better than others. Each rotation of the blades, several times a second of course, slices and helps cool the air in a more precise way than we often give credit for.

One thing to be thankful for is how fans and coolers can help stave off a swarthy day stuck indoors, of course! OnBuy's selection of climate control appliances has so much to offer in making sure you, your loved ones and your coworkers can all enjoy your day without feeling stuffy and heavy with heat. What's your go-to way of keeping cool when the temperature's rising?

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