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We all love the hot weather, but the way it can stifle airflow indoors and make everything feel dense and heavy - not so much. Luckily, OnBuy's cooling fan catalogue for home, office and commercial use is here to save the day! From our sleek modern quiet running electric fan selection to the likes of a USB small desk fan, almighty tower fans or classic floor fans, these dependable hot weather must-haves will stop high temperatures from putting you in a spin!

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Looking to buy Fans?

Take a deep breath and relax - no need to get hot under the collar. While the heat's always exciting when it finally comes around, sitting indoors giddily baking away in air that feels heavy and stifling is never nice.

OnBuy's cooling fan selection is the escape you need from that hot heavy air. Once the blades of your electric fan start spinning and the head starts turning, the sense of relief is like a thousand breezy tickles on your skin - ah! So nice!

A cooling fan makes all the difference

Keeping a cool head when things get heated is always important, whether you're working and need a small desk fan, looking after the kids and need a cooling fan for at home, or helping to keep pets from suffering in the heat with low-key, yet powerful, tower fans.

Either way, have no fear - the average electric fan nowadays is far more advanced than the trundling, noisy old small desk fan you might be used to!

Our fantastic cooling fan selection alone is proof of that... but let's dig a little deeper!

Are tower fans better than bladed fans?

When space is at a premium, tower fans provide a modern and contemporary way of easily circulating cool air around a room. They're a popular type of electric fan nowadays, lacking the bulky head of a bladed cooling fan and slotting neatly into the corner of the lounge, office or bedroom to twist to and fro, generously dishing out cool air.

That said, a bladed cooling fan and these more modern tower fans aren't actually too different in terms of how well they cool the air. Some people prefer tower fans for being quieter or more compact, yet most don't necessarily offer anything beyond the kind of cool air and relief that a traditional electric fan gives.

Luckily, that means you can't go wrong when deciding which cooling fan to welcome into your home or workplace!

Do more blades make an electric fan cooler?

As a matter of fact, they do! An electric fan with, for instance, five blades will often prove a more cooling fan than one with three blades. Without getting lost in the science, it's because the more blades there are to slice through the air, the more opportunities per second there are for that air to be cooled down.

That can prove pretty surprising - you might find your small desk fan gives out more cool air than your big pedestal fan, for instance, if that littler one has more blades!

The material that the blades are made out of doesn't make much of a difference either - so whether it's a plastic small desk fan or a metal electric fan, it's the tilt and number of the blades that makes the difference, not the material. Just go with your preference!

Is it good to sleep with an electric fan on?

Ultimately, keeping on a tower fan or cooling fan overnight comes down to preference. While there are benefits to keeping air circulating in the room and giving the body a way to get rid of morning odours a little more efficiently, some people find the noise of even the quietest electric fan disrupts their ability to sleep.

While a small desk fan might be a subtle accent to a stifling room at night, it's the large pedestal electric fan that people go for after dark, more often than not. That said, a box fan, floor fan, or tower fan can also help you get a good night's sleep.

The breezes can really help if heat makes it impossible for you to relax, and some people enjoy the element of white noise that a cooling fan can provide - especially if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or have neighbours who get a bit bumpy and stompy at night.

Luckily, even the humble small desk fan is among the types of electric fan being made quieter and more energy efficient in the electronics world of today - and that means the variety open to you is better than ever!

The choice is yours when it comes to OnBuy's fabulous range of cooling fans to beat the heat. What's your go-to way of cooling off? Give it a whirl!

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