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A staple of any tool kit and ideal for both professional tradesmen and DIYers alike, investing in a quality drill is a decision you won’t regret! Browse OnBuy’s range of drills, featuring power drills, combi drills, hammer drills, and cordless drills, to discover affordable tools for every task. From DeWalt to Bosch, you'll find durable drills from brands you can trust right here!

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Looking to buy Drills?

Whether you’re a trade professional or a budding DIYer, it’s always good to have a powerful electric drill on-hand. From corded and cordless models (both with or without a battery), to hammer drills, combi drills, and SDS models, we have a high-quality option to suit every budget and requirement. Plus, there's a wide range of industry-leading brands, including DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, and Bosch to choose from - bonus! Browse the selection to find your essential companion today!

Choosing the perfect drill for you

With so many options on the market, choosing the right drill can be a daunting task - not to mention confusing! To help you out, here are some things to consider while browsing our collection.

Step 1: Are you a professional builder, carpenter or decorator? If yes, you’ll probably need something heavy-duty and powerful, to suit all your jobs and projects. If you’re a home DIYer or need a drill you’ll use only from time to time, a smaller, more compact model may be the best option.

Step 2: Are you sticking to a specific budget? If you’re a professional, then you might be more focused on quality than the price, but if you need it for DIY projects, bagging something under budget will be higher up on your list of priorities. Luckily, you'll find a wide range of drills at various price points at OnBuy, so however much you wish to spend, you’ll find exactly what you're looking for right here!

Step 3: Are you searching for a full power tool set, featuring various accessories and drill bits to get you started? Or do you just require the drill itself? You can select from a range of different units and accessories, no matter what you need to complete your tool kit.

Now it's time to decide whether you want a cordless model, or if you'd prefer the power that a corded drill can offer. There are pros and cons for each. Cordless drills are rechargeable and can be used anywhere, as you won't have to fight with any cables or power cords, and you can easily pick them up and go. The downside to cordless drills, however, is that they tend to be quite heavy due to their large batteries (which are typically measured in volts, depending on their power - 18V, 21V, 110V and 240V are perhaps the most popular options available). While corded drills are often much lighter as they don't require a battery pack, they don’t offer you the flexibility of a cordless drill.

For more on finding the perfect tool for you, check out our definitive guide to drills and the different types available.


What drill power rating should I go for?

Cordless drills feature a voltage rating and, as you can imagine, the higher the voltage rating, the more powerful the drill, which will make drilling easier. A higher voltage usually means a heavier battery. But, remember that a larger battery doesn’t necessarily mean the drill will work for longer.

For corded power drills, consider the wattage. A higher wattage gives more power for heavier tasks and the drill can work for longer without the risk of overheating. Generally, the higher the voltage or wattage, the more expensive the drill will be.

How do I know a drill is right for me?


When you pick up a power drill, check that you can lift it easily and that it isn’t too bulky or heavy for you. If it’s too heavy, it could make drilling overhead, or drilling for longer periods of time more difficult. Also check if the handle is comfortable. There are rubberised, anti-slip handles, designed to give you a better hold and make the drill feel more balanced.

Battery life

How long a battery lasts and how long it takes to recharge can affect your ability to do your task effectively. So, before choosing a drill, check whether it has a one-hour mains charger feature, if you can buy an additional battery, and if the batteries are interchangeable with other power tools of the same brand.

What’s the best drill for beginners?

There are two different types of drill that beginners can use:

  • Drill driver: A cordless drill that can be used as a regular drill, or an electric screwdriver. Compared to combi drills, they’re mostly underpowered.
  • Combi drill: Incredibly powerful, these drills are often cordless. They have three built-in modes - regular drill, hammer drill function and drill driver. As a beginner, we suggest you go for a combi drill. Here’s some more information on them:

A combi cordless drill usually has these features:

  • Drill mode: The regular drill mode, used for drilling into wood, steel, plaster, brick, and other materials.
  • Hammer drill mode: For drilling into masonry. Most beginners are likely to use the hammer drill mode when drilling holes into brick walls at home, to hang picture frames, for example.
  • Drill driver mode: This mode turns the drill into a cordless electric screwdriver. The drill will fasten and unfasten screws and bolts with the right screwdriver bits.
  • Adjustable two power speed settings: There’s a button that enables you to adjust the power speed of the drill. When in low, you get between 25%-35% of the drill’s power. The high setting will release the drill’s full power.
  • Adjustable torque settings: When using the drill in drill driver mode as a screwdriver, adjustable torque settings are an important feature. Adjustable torque is the tightening power, and when driving screws, in some cases, you might not want to tighten with too much torque. This is often to prevent any damage to the material you’re screwing into.

Explaining the combi drill specifications

  • RPM: Revolutions Per Minute is the rate at which the chuck spins. At a higher RPM, the chuck spins faster. There’s also less friction which makes drilling in and out of objects easier.
  • BPM: Blows Per Minute is used in hammer drill mode. This figure indicates the number of times the drill bit will chisel away at the masonry per minute. Cordless drills at higher prices will usually have between 27,000-30,000 bpm, whereas mid-range cordless drills will usually have 22,000-26,000 bpm.
  • Torque: Torque is the amount of power behind the RPM. You can have high RPM, but if the torque is very low, drilling into tougher materials will be difficult. A higher torque makes drilling through tougher materials easier.

If you're looking to save some money, check our blog on how to find the best affordable drill.

How do I maintain my drill?

There are many ways to maintain your power tools. Firstly, always keep your drill clean and free from debris. It’s also good practice to check the carbon brushes regularly. Carbon brushes are a part of all power tools that wear with use, so make sure you replace them once they wear down.

Final tip: Before buying a drill, also think about the drill package, to ensure that it has everything you need to complete the tasks you’ll be working on. For example, check if the drill comes with useful additional items like a carry case, if it has all the drill bits you need, and if there’s a good guarantee - what does it cover and for how long?

Looking for more?

To discover a range of the best construction products for sale online, explore our selection of tools. Whatever your project may require, from ergonomic hand tools to nifty power tools, ladders, work lights, and even power tool accessories and replacement parts, there's plenty to leave you feeling satisfied right here! Don’t forget to pick up a tool box, to keep it all organised, too!

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