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Feel the burn with a little help from OnBuy's dumbbells category! With our sellers' great range of dumbbells for sale, you'll be pumping iron in no time! From building muscle mass and improving the flexibility of your joints to boosting the calorie-burning power of a cardio workout, these free weights are among the most adaptable of all home exercise products. Explore our diverse range today, filled with incredible weight lifting products for all budgets!

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Looking to buy Dumbbells?

One of the most popular ways to keep fit at home, a dumbbell set is a brilliant place to start if you want an alternative to going to the gym or plan to cancel your membership entirely. At OnBuy, our trusted retailers have worked hard to provide amateur and experienced weightlifters alike a fantastic choice.

Where to buy dumbbells

One of the best places to buy dumbbells is from the internet, specifically from us here at! The advantage to getting your dumbbells online is that you can see a massive variety of different dumbbells in seconds.

Our selection includes household names in the weightlifting world like York Fitness, as well as up and coming fitness brands that are offering unique takes on the classic dumbbell design. Like everything sold on OnBuy, our sellers can offer you dumbbells made to fit different budgets.

If you're happy to spend big on the latest fitness tech trends, check out our smart dumbbells in our adjustable dumbbells category. These products use digital technology to give you an accurate calorie count as you exercise, making them brilliant for cardio-focused dumbbell exercises. On the other end of the scale, if you want to tone your muscles on a budget, we've got many simple dumbbell sets that provide all the weight you need at a low, low price.

What different types of dumbbells are there?

Our selection of dumbbells isn't just differentiated by price, but by type, weight and material too. Which kind you'll want depends largely on the kinds of exercises you want to use them for and your overall weight goals. If this is your first time buying dumbbells, here's some info you should know:

Fixed dumbbells are the original design, dating back well over a century at this point. They're normally made of a single piece of metal, rubber or plastic. You can't change how heavy they are, but their fixed nature makes them more durable and easier to use than adjustable ones. Adjustable dumbbells let you change how much weight you have to lift with each rep, either by letting you add additional weight plates onto the end or by changing a dial. This second type is brilliant if you have limited space - you won't need to get more dumbbells as your muscles grow in strength.

Some dumbbells are hex-shaped rather than circular. The extra angles stop the dumbbells from rolling across the floor if they're nudged. You can safely store these sorts of dumbbells on the floor; if you go for rounded dumbbells we suggest storing them in a weight storage rack.

Dumbbells for each level of fitness

You should choose dumbbells that are the right size, weight, and shape based on your fitness goals, budget, and level of fitness. The best dumbbells for beginners are the ones that challenge you during your exercises but don’t make it impossible to complete successful reps. For most new starters, these will likely be between one kilogram and 20 kilograms for the first few weeks before you can think about moving onto the next stage.

If you consider yourself an intermediate weightlifter then you’ll most likely know what shape and type of dumbbells you like. You may want to invest in an adjustable dumbbell if you’re doing lots of different exercises as you’ll need a different weight for each. For example, you may want a 10 kilogram weight if you’re doing bicep curls but a heavier one if you’re looking to do deadlifts.

Which dumbbells should I use to reach my goals?

We've already mentioned that dumbbells can be used for different types of exercises, and your ideal dumbbells will differ depending on how you workout. For example, if you want to add extra challenge to your cardio workout, a single light set will be ideal. But if you're more interested in muscle gain, you'll want to grab a set of heavier weights to overload your muscles over a long period and maximise your gains.

The exact dumbbells needed will depend on the exercise, your skill level, and your physical ability. You should always start light and add weight in small increments as starting too heavy may lead to injury.

One way to find out which weight is right for you at your current stage is to go to a gym to try their sets out. If you do a few high-quality reps but it’s still a struggle, then this is the right weight for you. If you find you’re doing the reps too easily though, try a dumbbell that is one or two steps up. You can then order your dumbbells online at OnBuy for a fantastic price - we won't tell if you don't!

What are free weights?

All dumbbells are a type of free weights. These are defined as free objects that aren't attached to a frame or a mount and that you can use any place you want. Also known as hand weights, they're some of the most flexible strength training objects out there, since you can use them in different exercises to target different muscle groups.

If you invest in other types of free weights like kettlebells or medicine balls in addition to buying a set of dumbbells from this category, you can create a comprehensive muscle training regimen that will help to make your whole body stronger. While they're designed to be portable, you don't have to use hand weights while standing up. It's a great idea to pair them with an exercise bench to perform bench presses, overhead presses and more.

Customers love our best-selling Dumbbells

Popular Brands in Dumbbells

York Fitness
Fitness Mad
High Street TV

Our most popular Dumbbells

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