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There’s no better way to banish the chills and bring a slice of cosy atmosphere to your home than with a fireplace, and there's no better place to find one than OnBuy! Our fireplace department has everything you need for a 'crackling' home heater, from the actual fireplaces themselves and the fuel to light them to a selection of fireplace accessories to keep your fire supplies tidy! Want to find out which one  is best for you? We've written a handy blog explaining every type of fireplace.

Fireplaces and surrounds

This is what you're here for - the heat, the flame, the crackle! Thanks to our sellers, there are fireplaces for every home in this category. No matter what your budget is, you'll find the perfect choice here!

Electric fireplaces

There's technically no fire involved with these fireplaces, but they're amazing anyway. An electric heater gives off the warmth, while various flame effects reproduce the hypnotic visual treat of a real fire.

The biggest reason to choose an electric fireplace is that they're so easy to install and use. Since no smoke is produced, you don't need to worry about fitting them into a chimney. Many of our electric stoves don't even need an insert, you only need to worry about plugging it in. For great positioning tips, read our guide all about installing a fireplace.

Besides stoves, you'll also find large free standing fireplaces that are almost as manoeuvrable while providing extra warmth in a larger package. On the other hand, if you want to fill the space left by a traditional one, our inset fireplaces are perfect for you.

One of the dozens of electric fireplaces you'll find in this category is certain to suit your home. If you want the gleam of metal to act as a statement piece, choose a chrome or brass electric fireplace. Alternatively, for a classical fireplace look, check out our rustic wooden fireplaces. All of these products come from some of the most popular brands, like Dimplex, Adam and Warmlite.

Ethanol fireplaces

If you want a more realistic fire than even the best electric fires can summon without the hassle of wood or coal smoke, buy an ethanol fireplace! These relatively new inventions use bio-ethanol as a fuel. This liquid has a clean burn, so no smoke is produced, just a little water and carbon dioxide. They're practically maintenance-free and more environmentally friendly than a traditional fireplace as well.

Wood stoves

Electric fires and ethanol fireplaces are clean and low maintenance, but they're also only supplementary heaters: They can't produce all the heat a room needs. If you want a fireplace that adds substantial heat along with maximum atmosphere, a wood stove is the only choice for you.

Wood burning stoves have been around in one guise or another for thousands of years, but the ones sold by our sellers are thoroughly modern. They're extremely fuel-efficient, using up-to-date manufacturing techniques to reduce the amount of heat leaking from the chimney and the sides, ensuring as much warmth as possible is projected out front, for you to enjoy.

As well as regular wood burning stoves, you'll also find multi-fuel stoves in this category. These are exactly what they sound like: although they primarily burn wood, they can also burn other fuels, including coal, smokeless pellets and peat. If you're looking for a versatile stove, be on the lookout for one of these!

Fireplace surrounds

While all of our fireplace categories are amazing, you won't need to browse them if you already own one! Perhaps you've got an old reliable fireplace that's in need of a bit of T&C, or you've added an inset electric fireplace to your shopping basket and want the perfect fronting so it will match your rooms. In either case, our fireplace surrounds are certain to astound!

A fireplace surround combines the mantel (a traditional fireplace's 'shelf') and the hearth (its 'base') into a single unit that's easy to install. The size of the mantel and hearth will depend on the exact model you buy.

For instance, we have some surrounds with thick mantelpieces (perfect for storing family photos and other ornaments) and practically non-existent hearths. This style is well suited to small rooms or for large inset fireplaces. If you're a fireplace purist, you'll be pleased to know many of our fireplace surrounds are equally proportioned.

Fireplace Accessories & Essentials

Fireplaces and their surrounds are the main attractions, but to make the most of the new centrepiece in your room, you'll need some of these fireplace accessories!

Log baskets & holders

A new wood burning stove won't be much good without a plentiful supply of logs nearby, but that presents its own problems. Raw timber, even when freshly cut, will naturally shed wood fibres and dirt if left on your floor. That means constant, diligent cleaning of your floors. Unless you invest in one of our sellers' log baskets or holders!

We have a wide variety of designs to compliment the design of your home and fireplace. Dark metal ones will add to the stateliness of a brass plated fireplace, while a log basket made from willow will accentuate the cosiness of an oak framed fireplace.

Coal buckets & scuttles

If you have a multi-fuel fireplace that can burn lumps of coal, your need for a quality storage solution is even more acute. We don't need to tell you how easily coal dust can ruin a carpet! Thankfully, our sellers' robust coal buckets and scuttles will keep your coal in check and your floors spotless!

Almost always made out of metal, these coal holders have been purposely designed. Their openings are often fluted to give better access to the trowel like coal scoops (if you don't own one of these, don't worry: many of our sellers bundle a coal scoop with their bucket - read the product description to see if that's the case). Many have built-in carrying handles as well - coal is pretty heavy, after all!

Fire screens

One of the biggest reasons to own a real fireplace is watching sparks float about in the warm air. Of course, you want those sparks to stay where they belong - if one drifts onto your carpet you're in trouble! This is the sort of disaster a fire screen can prevent, an essential accessory for ethanol and wood burning fireplaces.

Our sellers' fire screens are made from a fine metal mesh that catches sparks and embers before they can land, letting them safely cool off in the hearth or bouncing them back into the fire itself. We have many different designs - some are quite plain and ordinary, while others are as fancy and ornate as our finest flame effect fireplaces.

Fireplace fuels

Of course, all these protective and storage accessories are moot without some quality fireplace fuels. Electric fireplaces take all the energy they need from their three-pronged plug, but for every other type we have the fuel source you need.

With so many of our retailers offering wood burning fireplaces, it's no great surprise that you'll find a plentiful selection of firewood. We have thick logs that will burn well for hours at a time, along with thinner sticks that are perfect for kindling. Beyond natural wood cuttings you'll find wood pellets and processed wooden fire bricks made from sawdust, which burn hotter than fresh firewood. We also have a selection of quality coal, bio-ethanol and every other kind of fuel you can light a fire with!

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