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Lava Lamps

Be it your home entertainment centre, the kids' bedroom or a cheeky retro nook tucked in your home office - is there anywhere lava lamps can't go? OnBuy's more than a little in love with these lovely lava lamps, from cheeky desktop USB lava lamps to big towering titans of vintage chic. Colours and ambience aplenty awaits!

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About Lava Lamps

What is it about sitting and watching lava lamps that's so soothing? From their quiet hum to their vibrant colours and the hypnotic way that those blobs and shapes rise, fall, break apart and reform again... it's a strangely zen sensation!

Lava lamps might be something of a vintage novelty now, but they've become pretty timeless as a result. Nowadays, you can find small lava lamps for kids' rooms or smaller spaces, together with large lava lamps that make a real retro-flavoured statement in the home.

Lava lamps have moved with the times too, in their own ways. For example, a USB lava lamp can be plugged into a computer to give your home office or remote-working video calls a touch of yesteryear flair. Likewise, you could use a USB lava lamp to mash up old and new by having it come out of your games console!

How do lava lamps work?

Ready for some science? Lava lamps, technically known as liquid motion lamps, work thanks to the unique interactions that oil and water have when they occupy the same container - such as the inside of a lava lamp!

Water is far less dense than oil. That means that when lava lamps are warmed up, as they are when their electric light bulbs are lit, a nifty physical reaction occurs to make those big colourful globs of oil move and dance before our eyes.

As the heat from the light bulb affects the oil in your lava lamp, it expands. That makes it stretch, split, rise up and move around -- all the stuff we love about lava lamps!

When those oil globs reach the top of the lava lamps, it's cooler in temperature. That means the oil blobs drop in temperature, stop expanding and drift down through the water of the lava lamp to the bottom again.

This cycle is what makes lava lamps so much fun - you'll never see this reaction taking place inside of them the exact same way twice!

Are lava lamps safe?

Definitely, and we wouldn't have it any other way! While lava lamps take a little more careful handling than other electric lamps, most of the sensible precautions you take when handling other electronics will apply here.

The biggest thing to remember is that lava lamps warm up a fair amount during use. Don't touch it while it's operating, but also give it some time to cool down when it's turned off, too.

Also, when carrying lava lamps around from place to place, don't tip them to one side and try to hold them at the base, where it's cooler.

With all this in mind, there's every reason to get excited for the lava lamps on OnBuy! Have you decided which colour is best for your blast-from-the-past lighting idea yet?

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