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Samsung 5G Phones

Prepare for the next generation of super-fast mobile data with 5G-compatible phones from Samsung! Discover OnBuy’s range of the latest Samsung 5G phones, like the Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra 5G, for sophisticated camera systems, long-lasting battery life, faster charging capabilities, and a quicker and more reliable 5G network connection!

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Looking to buy Samsung 5G Phones?

Stay connected with the next generation of mobile data technology and enjoy super-fast connectivity on Samsung’s latest 5G phones from OnBuy. Built to ensure a reliable connection around the country, 5G networks offer average speeds of around 100Mbps-200Mbps (megabits per second). That’s potentially faster than the average home broadband connection! That means seamless streaming, enjoying videos and music in the highest quality possible, rapid downloads, and less time getting frustrated at your browser for not instantly loading!

And if you’re going to be tapping into the best network speeds, you’ll want to make the most of it on the best phones. That’s where the likes of the Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra 5G come in.

With flagship Samsung 5G phones like this, you can match the data speeds with a 5nm processor for lightning-fast gaming, browsing, snapping, and chatting. There’s also fast charging that has reportedly reached 100% in little over an hour. That would beat premium 5G rivals like the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max!

And that’s not to mention the other revolutionary features on Samsung’s 5G phones, like the pin-point-accurate camera system. It features a large 108MP sensor, can record in 8K video quality, and can capture colour-rich imagery even in darker surroundings. There’s also the dynamic AMOLED 2X display that displays in cinema-grade certified colour and contrast. It’s unbelievably bright, incredibly vivid, and surprisingly smooth, even under bright sunlight!

The best phones with 5G connectivity

Samsung 5G phones are regarded as among the best 5G devices you can buy. They’re packed with advanced features, like their intelligent triple camera systems, and continually evolving hardware like the improved dynamic AMOLED 2X display.

While there are rival Android phones that come close to the specs on the Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra 5G, like the OnePlus 9 Pro for example, they haven’t quite reached the level of the premium features offered by Samsung.

Likewise, you could consider Apple’s flagship phones, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, however, they’re slightly behind Samsung’s technology too. The 120Hz fast refresh rate, for example, which ensures smoother scrolling on your phone, features on the more recent iPhone 13 Pro Max, but has been part of Samsung’s 5G devices for a couple of years.

5G vs. 4G devices

When it was released, 4G was a revolutionary technology. It allowed mobile phones to keep up with the demand for fast data and is now a must on any smartphone. However, 5G networks are a huge leap forward in terms of speed, and once you’ve used a 5G phone, you won’t want to go back!

5G is generally considered to be around 10-times faster than 4G performance. That means you can download a film in a few minutes using your mobile data, stream 8K videos without having to wait for it to buffer, enjoy the latest mobile games without lag, and so much more! But speed isn’t the only difference.

Have you ever tried to upload a video to social media while at a concert? Have you tried to check out the other scores while it’s half time at your football match? If you haven’t, ask someone who has and they’ll tell you how painfully slow it is! That’s because 4G signals are relatively ‘noisy’, so when lots of 4G devices are trying to use the network in a small space, it struggles to hear all of the devices. 5G networks solve that by streamlining the signal and making it less noisy. As a result, more 5G devices can successfully communicate with the network in a crowded place.

Getting ready for 5G networks being rolled out

Work is constantly taking place to expand and improve 5G networks around the country; it’s available in a lot of places, but not everywhere just yet. But don’t worry if you’re not covered by 5G.

Unlike 4G phones that rely solely on a 4G connection, 5G phones aren’t exclusively dependent on the 5G network. No 5G in your area? No worries! Your 5G phone will automatically connect to the fastest network in your area, delivering the top speeds available to you in that location.

With that in mind, it might be worth taking a look at your network provider’s website to see where they cover. Most network providers will have interactive coverage maps detailing this, and may also show where will be covered in the next few months.

Getting the best deals on Samsung 5G phones

Because 5G is a new technology, it’s only available on newer devices. That means you’re generally going to be paying more of a premium price than you would for a 4G device of similar spec. However, there’s no need to feel excluded if you need a more affordable device. You can get incredible prices on high-spec 5G phones that are as good as new! Discover our refurbished and used Samsung phones with 5G connectivity - just select the 5G option in our ‘connectivity’ filter to pick out the right devices.

With refurbished Samsung phones, you get a device that’s as new as it can get without actually being new. What we mean by that is these devices have been bought and then returned by customers because of a technical fault. The manufacturer will have then fixed any issues and put the device through rigorous testing to make sure it’s ready to go again. However, because these devices have already been sold, they can’t be resold as new. That means you get discounted prices on a brilliant Samsung 5G phone that’s as good as new!

Used devices, on the other hand, are less new, but still reliable. Generally, they’ve been traded in when their owners upgrade, even though they’re still in a perfectly good condition. You won’t need to worry about any bugs or defects as used phones will have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they’re ready to be used again.

Customers love our best-selling Samsung 5G Phones

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