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Looking to buy Panasonic Radios?

Breezy summer days relaxing in your garden or cooking up a delicious storm in your kitchen just wouldn't be the same without the high-quality sound of a nearby Panasonic radio pumping out your favourite tunes or keeping you up to date with vital news and weather reports.

Whether you adore your trusty analogue radio that still wakes you up every morning on the dot (even after twenty years on your bedside table) or you can't be without your portable digital radio, our range of DAB, FM and AM Panasonic radios will have you covered.

As opposed to mindlessly scrolling through your smartphone or being distracted by flashing images on your TV screens, there's something incredibly traditional and calming about listening to the radio. Designed and constructed by the reliable manufacturer, Panasonic, impressive sound quality is guaranteed, no matter which model you opt for.

What's the difference between DAB, AM and FM?

FM radio transmitting (otherwise known as Frequency Modulation) works by increasing the number of waves between the station and your radio, whereas the AM version (known as Amplitude Modulation) increases the size of these waves. Both methods effectively transmit radio signals to analogue radios, they just do it in different ways! As a result, FM radio stations can be picked up by FM radios, and AM stations by AM radios.

Also referred to as Digital Broadcasting Audio, DAB stations transmit encoded binary data to your DAB compatible radio via a pattern of numbers which your intelligent radio then translates into great-sounding music. Ultimately, FM and AM radio stations transmit to analogue radios, while DAB stations only work with digital radios.

All of these fantastic radios work in a similar way to efficiently transfer data and convert it into clear and comprehensive audio that you can enjoy from anywhere in the world. However, you'll often find that Panasonic radios can pick up both FM and AM stations, or a combination of one of these as well as a DAB signal.

Are digital or analogue radios better?

Highly regarded by the broadcasting world, you'll be hard-pressed to find a modern, solely analogue radio. This is simply because analogue radios cannot co-exist near one another as the waves cross over and distort one another, an issue that is driving people towards DAB models and shutting down FM radio stations.

This process tends to cause a hissing or crackling sound as you manually attempt to tune into other FM or AM radio stations, an issue that doesn't affect digital radios! Not to mention, DAB radios also benefit from being able to travel over longer distances, so you'll never lose touch with your favourite station, no matter how far from home you travel.

Despite these fantastic digital advances, analogue is still worth a chance if you're a traditionalist. Often boasting a much longer-lasting battery life and a wonderful high-quality sound once you get the antenna in the perfect position, FM coverage is also vastly greater than that of DAB.

While there are many more pro and con points for both types of radio, a practical solution is to opt for a Panasonic radio that combines the two, so you can get the very best of both radio worlds! Popular Panasonic radios that offer combine DAB and FM include the Panasonic RF-D10EB DAB FM Portable Radio and the Panasonic RF-D20 DAB+/FM/RDS Radio complete with ultra-modern wireless smartphone streaming.

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