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It's not the size that counts, it's how you use these small kitchen appliances! Whether you're making sweet treats and experimenting with new dishes or just need a way to fix a quick breakfast, we've got the gadgets that will set your lips smacking!

Want to make cooking easier? Check out this blog for the small kitchen appliances that will make meal prep quicker and more hassle-free!


It might not be the healthiest way to cook food, but it sure can be the tastiest! A fryer is your ticket to creating the ultimate treat food: There’s no way to get the crisp, crunchy outside and fluffy inside that makes up the perfect chip without frying it, and our selection makes it easy.

Air fryers

The hot (pun intended!) new thing in the fryer world is air fryers. These neat little machines use extremely hot air to whizz a tiny amount of oil around their insides. The oil coats the food inside crisping it up the way a deep fat fryer would, but with up to 80% less oil!

Air fryers aren’t just a healthier way to make fried food, they’re also super convenient to use, often compact and a breeze to use – no wonder they’re so popular right now! Our sellers have some of the most famous air fryers, like the ones made by Ninja and Cosori, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

Deep fat fryers

The original specialist frying appliance, there’s a reason why deep fat fryers haven’t been completely replaced by snazzier air fryers: the food they make is just so good! If you’re a big fan of the crunch, this kind of fryer is best for you, since the extra oil is needed to cook your food to its crispiest potential and stops it from drying out.

We have just as many top deep fat fryers as we do air fryers from an equally diverse range of brands, including Tefal They’re compact and have firmly closed lids to prevent spills and injuries. Our sellers also stock some large, open-topped commercial deep fat fryers which can cook more food faster than other models - ideal for new fast-food franchises and professional bakeries.


It might be easy to fry food, but fryers have nothing on microwaves when it comes to convenience! The favourite appliance of many a student and busy chef over the years, microwaves cook food fast so they’re perfect for re-heating leftovers, rapid defrosting and more. Their microwave-based cooking method is extremely energy efficient, so they can help you save on your utility bill as well.

They’re so easy to use as well! Just key in your program, place your dish inside, close the oven door and hit ‘start’. Aside from the occasional bit of stirring, it’s totally hands off cooking, so you can get on with preparing other ingredients, washing up or just chilling out!

Our sellers range includes top models, including the latest ‘combi microwaves’ from brands like Samsung and Panasonic. These add extra cooking elements to the microwave, letting it work more like a conventional oven. If you only pick one small kitchen appliance, make it a microwave!

Toasters & kettles

What would the nation’s mornings be without these twin titans? It doesn’t bare thinking about! There’s no getting around it – you simply have to own one of both!


There’s nothing complicated about a toaster– it’s all there in the name! Our sellers’ range of toasters will brown sliced bread or bagels perfectly with their browning controls and ‘lift to check’ handles. You’ll find 2-slice toasters for small kitchens and 4-slice ones for big families.

There are many different types of toasters, so you’re sure to find one that matches your breakfast habits. For instance, do you love the tang of sourdough starters in the morning? A long slot toaster will cook your bloomer no matter how wide the loaf is! 


How do you expect to entertain guests without offering them a freshly brewed cup of their favourite hot drink? Better buy a kettle from our sellers, then! For convenience you can’t do better than a quiet boil electric kettle: these modern masterpieces won’t interrupt your conversation with hisses and gurgles, and they have other quality of life features like easy-pour spouts.

Alternatively, we have traditional kettle from names like Judge that rest upon a stovetop and give out a whistle to let you know your water is boiled – perfect for camping trips. For throwback appeal with a plug, check out our retro kettle range, instead.

Sandwich toasters & electric grills

Sandwich toasters

The easy way to make a cheese toasty, paninis and more, buy a sandwich toaster of your own and lunch will never be the same again! Some of these sandwich toasters are super versatile and can be used for more than just toasting sandwiches. Advanced models come with a set of plates you can swap out easily, including ones for making waffles and other amazing treats.


On the other hand, if you can’t get enough of grilled food, it might be wise to upgrade to a proper tabletop electric grill. The machines in this category can be used to cook everything from sandwiches to chicken breasts to vegetable skewers, all while collecting excess fat and oils in a handy drip tray.

Food preparation appliances

If you’re anything like us, prepping ingredients is one of the most time-consuming parts of cooking. These appliances exist to cut down on the cooking chores so you can get to the good part – eating!

Blenders, juicers & food processors

There’s no better way to start the day or recover from a workout than with a smoothie or glass of freshly pressed juice. If you want to make your own, you’ll definitely want either a juicer or a blender! What’s the difference between the two?

While both pulverise their tasty ingredients, a juicer strains the mixture of fruits into a separate compartment, getting rid of any gritty skin, pith or rind and leaving only pure juice. A blender meanwhile keeps every part of the mixture, only pulverising it down to a sip-able texture. The single action of a blender lets you make soups, dips and even cocktails as well as just smoothies.

Our range of food processors do all that and more. They combine the blending action with a rougher automated chopping action that’s perfect for dicing onions and other ingredients. While they’re not as good with thin liquids because of their larger blades, some models can grate and slice food as well as chop, turning it into a vital kitchen helper.


If a food processor is your automated sous chef, a food mixer is your pâtissier. These machines take the effort out of baking by doing all of the beating, whisking and folding for you. There are two types, and they’re both awesome.

A stand mixer is the faster and more powerful of the two. It also ‘stands’ on its own, letting you get on with other tasks as it beats a mixture. They are more expensive and heavier than a hand mixer, though. Many hand mixers are small enough to fit in a kitchen drawer, so there’s no need to sacrifice counter space for them.

Easy-cooking appliances

Maybe you don’t just want an easy way to prepare your food, you want an easy way to cook it as well? Luckily for you, we embrace saving time with this group of appliances. Each one takes a normally tricky cooking task and makes it easy through a little ingenuity.

Slow cookers

Don’t you wish you could prep some ingredients and then let a machine take care of all the cooking? With a slow cooker, that dream’s come true! These electric appliances remain at a low, consistent temperature, cooking food slowly over the course of hours. An airtight lid prevents moisture from escaping, so the meal inside never gets dry.

Slow cookers are truly set and forget. Put the ingredients inside, switch the machine on and walk away. You can complete other chores or simply relax as the cooker does all the hard work. They’re perfect for stews as well as curries and chillies.

Rice cookers

A nutritious and healthy carb (not to mention delicious!), it’s no surprise rice has been a staple foodstuff for thousands of years. But for such a simple grain, it’s easy to cook wrong. If your portions of basmati turn out more like a gooey sludge than a fluffy grain, the solution is a rice cooker.

This kitchen gadget takes all the hassle out of making a bowl of rice. They boil and cook the rice at the touch of a button, using internal temperature sensors to figure out when the rice is ready to be drained. All you need to do is rinse the rice before cooking (oh, and enjoy eating it, of course!). Some advanced rice cookers are actually multi-cookers in disguise, working similarly to pressure cookers. Speaking of which…

Electric pressure cookers

While a slow cooker takes its time, an electric pressure cooker is all about getting there fast – they can take less than a third of the normal time to cook some recipes. These machines are so flexible, too – you can cook stews, soups, burritos, even pot roasts without any effort! Plus, the pressure-cooking action helps to seal vitamins in your food for more nutritious meals. Pile the pressure on and take the stress out of your weekly meals!

Soup makers

From chopping to blitzing and simmering there’s a lot of work that goes into a soup and a lot that can go wrong. Unless you buy a soup maker from our sellers! These all-in-one machines make light work of making soups so you can tuck in quicker. What’s more, many models function as a regular blender for making smoothies, dips and more!

Dessert & treat makers

Mmm, we’ve reached the final course of our small kitchen appliances department: the dessert and treat makers. Perfect for easy aperitifs and show-stopping finishes alike. It doesn’t matter how you like to spoil yourself – if you have a sweet tooth, you’re certain to be satisfied!

Waffle, crepe and doughnut makers

Ready to taste an unbeatable breakfast? It’s easy with our sellers’ waffle makers. These special machines have deep grooves and crevices through which your fresh waffle batter will flow. Pour the mix on the bottom, close the lid and switch your waffle maker on. A minute or two later and you’ll be enjoying sweet, spongey and just ever so slightly crispy waffles! More advanced models have timers and alarms to make the process even easier. All you need is the maple syrup!

Waffles are decidedly an American treat. For a tasty continental breakfast (or dessert), buy a crepe maker instead! These follow a similar design to the waffle makers but they’re even simpler: A hot griddle will soon cook your batter to a light, golden brown. It’s a cinch to flip your crepes as well thanks to the spreader stick included with most makers.

Rounding off our trio of tasty, battered treats are doughnuts! Oh so tasty yet deceptively tricky. If you’re struggling to get doughnuts right in a deep fat fryer, the answer is one of our doughnut makers! These compact machines look very similar to a waffle maker, only their grooves are spherical. Depending on the model, you can get ones with dimples inside to make ring doughnuts. You can also find long and thin models to make churros with.

Ice cream makers

You’ll certainly scream for these incredible ice cream makers! Why settle on shop-bought tubs when you can create your own magical ice cream recipes with minimal effort. And it isn’t limited to traditional American-style ice-cream, either. The best ice cream makers can also make frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet as well as ice-cream.

Chocolate fountains

If you’re entertaining there’s nothing like an interactive dessert, so buy a chocolate fountain before your next party! A mini electric heater is attached to a three-tier fountain via a motor. Feed solid chocolate into the fountain and it will melt before the motor pumps it out of the top again, creating a cascade of chocolate that’s perfect for dipping – just don’t forget the cocktail sticks!

Candy floss machine

Just as much of a visual treat as a tasty one, candy floss machines (or cotton candy makers, if you’re outside of the UK) are a fairground favourite that’s easy to take indoors! Load them up with special candy floss sugar and the machine will soon turn it into spun threads of delicious sweet candy floss! These countertop appliances are a great holiday treat since they’re so fun to use even kids will want to have a go!

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