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If housework feels too much like a chore, it’s time to invest in a product from our Vacuum, Steam and Floor Cleaners edit! From portable vacuums to powerful steam cleaners, we’ve got a host of brilliant homemaking gadgets in our virtual cleaning emporium - get shopping!

In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and housework! It’s a demanding job keeping your house clean, but someone has to do it (or, if you’re smart, several people on an organised rota) and our range of vacuum, steam, and floor cleaners will make your difficult job just a little easier. 

From friendly-faced hoovers to the latest hardcore, industrial-strength steam cleaners, our range of housework helpers will have your abode sparkling in no time. Get ready to explore the edit!

Vacuum cleaners

Let’s start with the cleaning machine you’ll use almost every day: the humble vacuum cleaner. This kind of indispensable cleaning machine was first invented in 1901 and they’ve gone on to conquer the cleaning world! 

Vacuum cleaners are so indispensable that going without one these days seems like madness. You’ll find the very best of the vacuum cleaning world among our virtual shelves. For super convenient cleaning you can pick up one of the more modern vacuum cleaner designs among our collection. These bleeding edge suckers include bagless dust collectors to make emptying them easier, and ball bottoms that make sweeping them around corners a dream. If you’re more interested in cleaning carpets than mod cons, don’t worry: There are plenty of reasonably priced industrial and functional vacuums in our selection.They may be short on thrills, but they’ll suck up the dust and dirt in no time. Look out also for handheld vacuums. With the portability, these little machines offer, no spot is too out of the way to get a nice, deep clean. Finally, keep your eyes peeled for any robotic vacuum cleaners in our edit. These disc-shaped vacuums have been sent back from the future to terminate the dirt in your home. Just set them down, turn them on and their programming does the rest

Steam cleaners and other floor cleaners

Vacuums may be the most popular home cleaning gadget, but they’re far from the only one. The first time you use a steam cleaner you’ll be shocked at their effectiveness. Using a sustained jet of super-hot steam, these cleaners quickly remove dirt and stains from your floors. They’re particularly good for carpets, as they lift any marks that have become deeply embedded in the fibres - one quick cleaning and they’ll look good as new!

Our range of steam cleaners is just as varied as our vacuum choices. You can pick out portable steamers with small water tanks for those hard-to-reach areas, or grab massive steam cleaners for long cleaning sessions.

As well as our electric devices, you can find floor cleaners amongst our edit that require a little bit of extra elbow grease too. From dust sweepers that catch dust bunnies in their electrostatic pads, to specialised carpet scrubbers for pet hair, your carpets will be smooth and your vinyl shining once you're finished with these products!

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