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Treadmills & Running Machines

Do you want to conquer your fitness goals this year? Do you struggle to make time to get yourself to the gym? With our range of treadmills for sale, you can begin your fitness journey from the comfort of your own home. Combining the ultimate cardio experience with an accessible, highly effective jogging machine, our selection of some of the best home treadmills in the UK allow for the perfect workout experience. From handy foldable designs to larger solid units for home gyms, our sellers are sure to have a running treadmill for sale that motivates you. Trim down, tone up, get yourself an indoor running machine and discover just how versatile these fantastic pieces of kit can be.

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Looking to buy Treadmills & Running Machines?

Want to conquer your fitness goals this year but struggle to make time to get yourself to the gym? With our range of treadmills for sale, you can begin your fitness journey from the comfort of your own home!

From space-saving folding designs to high-end commercial machines, we have an array of different types of treadmills to suit your home, goals and budget

Don't know which one is right for you? Check out our guide on everything you need to know before buying a treadmill

Benefits of the best treadmills for home use

With some of the best treadmills for sale in the UK, there are countless benefits attached when you buy a treadmill online. When you acquire one of the best treadmills for home use from OnBuy, you are able to turn your life around, without having to even leave the house.

Some of the major benefits of our motorised treadmills for sale are listed below, so you can make an informed decision when you decide to buy a running machine.

Burn fat and build muscle with a treadmill

There is a common misconception that you must choose between burning fat and building muscle when you work out. Our running machines for sale allow you to have the best of both worlds, helping you to lose weight quickly while simultaneously gaining muscle mass.

By running on an electric treadmill, you can easily burn calories, with the potential to track how many you are burning thanks to the integrated technology within. The number of calories you burn will align with how fast you are running and how long for. Seriously intense workouts can help you achieve your goals, with running seen as the preferred method of weight loss compared to other aerobic exercises.

While you increase your cardio and stamina, our running machines for home use also allow you to build muscle in a desirable way. The more you run, the stronger your legs become, resulting in the muscles within them building up. How you run will also dictate which muscles you are able to build. If you run while flexing your core abdominal muscles or swinging your arms more intensely, you also have the potential to build muscles separate from your lower body, with endless benefits attached.

Reduce impact with a treadmill

When running, or even walking on a home gym treadmill, the impact is considerably lower than outdoor exercise. Whether it’s concrete, grass, or even AstroTurf, using the flat surface on a home treadmill machine has huge benefits when it comes to the health of your joints, especially when you are running fast.

Your ankles, knees and back can suffer greatly from the high impact experienced when running on a hard surface, with the many obstacles you may face in the great outdoors not doing you any favours. As we age, we become more susceptible to injuries, which is why some of our best treadmills for home use are a great alternative to the real thing. Expect no surprises when using a running machine for your home. Our treadmills for sale can help you with a fitness routine that will help limit any joint aches or pains, putting you back in control.

Another great aspect of our treadmills for sale is that they can help improve joint flexibility. This can help with common degenerative conditions that many of us are susceptible to as we begin to age.

Take full control of your workout

As many of our motorised treadmills come complete with programmable capabilities, you are able to customise your workout to suit you. When you buy a running machine for sale from OnBuy, you can programme your routine to the exact distance you wish to run, at the speed you wish to run at. This will allow you to gain an accurate idea of your current fitness level, with the ability to assess which areas you need to progress in, tailoring and adjusting your workout routine as time goes on. Some of our electric treadmills in stock also come equipped with heart rate monitors and fitness trackers, giving you the opportunity to fine tune and adjust as you see fit.

You are also able to decide how you would like to run on your new running exercise machine. Whether you are a novice who wants to start with a light workout, an experienced runner who desires some intensity with an inclined curved treadmill, or someone who fits right in between the two, adjustable mechanisms in our very best treadmills for home use are invaluable when it comes to your fitness progression. Warm up, cool down, and run at your own pace with some of the best home treadmills in the UK.

Improve heart health with a running machine

While investing in a new treadmill running machine for your home is great for improving your external fitness, helping you to lose weight and build muscle, what’s on the inside is the most important factor when it comes to physical health. As your stamina increases by using a running treadmill for your home, you can also improve your cardiovascular health. Regular aerobic exercise such as the use of an electric treadmill for your home allows for an increase in the strength of your heart, aiding with the circulation of blood throughout your body. Increased circulation through running on an indoor treadmill regularly will result in more oxygen to your muscles, allowing you to increase the intensity of your treadmill workouts over time. Lower your blood pressure, decrease bad cholesterol, and improve your overall health when you buy a professional treadmill in the UK.

The convenience of running machines

Another huge benefit that comes with some of our best treadmills for home use is the matter of convenience. You no longer have to travel to a gym or hit the road when you want to go for a run. Buy a treadmill walking machine online and you can work out in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to the brutal elements of the outdoors and work out your own way. Whether that means watching TV, blasting your own music as loud as you like or going for an indoor run in your less-than-best workout gear, the options are limitless when you pick up a running machine for home use.

As well as the benefit of convenience, treadmills are also a much safer option than running outdoors. This is especially true if you like to wear headphones when you go for your run, with the risk of not hearing vehicles becoming more and more prominent. Remain safe, enjoy the privacy of working out on your own very best treadmill for home use, and get the physique of your dreams without having to leave the house.

How many calories can I burn on a treadmill?

With some of the very best treadmills for home use available online, there is huge potential to burn calories and hit your weight loss goal. However, there are a wide variety of factors that will dictate how many calories can be burnt when you buy a treadmill. The burn rate of each and every individual is unique to them, with factors such as age, current body weight, gender and the intensity at which you exercise all coming into the equation.

The number of calories that you will burn from using a running machine can be impacted by efficiency-based factors such as speed, stride, body weight and intensity. The more you get your heart rate going, the more likely it is that you will be able to burn off more calories. When using your electric treadmill for your home, the best way to burn calories is to increase the speed at which you are running, as well as adding some incline as you progress. Smaller strides will also help in your attempt to lose weight; the more strides you take, the more energy you will burn.

As we offer the very best home running machines, our treadmills for sale come with integrated LED displays, measuring everything from speed, time, distance, and most importantly, number of calories burnt per session. Combining this with the innovative heart rate monitors systems integrated into our best running machines, you can easily track just how hard your body is working, resulting in a fully optimised, easily trackable workout.

Browse our treadmill shop that includes many models such as curved treadmills, electric treadmills, and many more of some of the best running machines in the UK and find the right fit for your fitness goals and lifestyle.

How can I intensify my treadmill workouts?

Our treadmills for sale include some of the most advanced, highly adaptable running machines in the UK. There are countless ways in which you can enhance your workouts while using a walking/running machine for your home, helping you burn calories, meet your fitness goals, or ease yourself into a new lifestyle as you see fit. Whether you require a walking treadmill to steadily get into the swing of things, or you want to buy one of our incline treadmills for your home so you can really up your cardiovascular game, we can provide some of the best treadmills online for you.

Many of our running machines for sale also have many innovative features, making a gym-worthy workout completely accessible in the comfort of your own home. Plus, we also have a wide selection of foldable treadmills and mini treadmills. Perfect if you don’t have room for a permanent running machine, a folding treadmill or a smaller, more compact alternative is ideal for easy storage.

Treadmill interval training

Sometimes, running for longer isn’t the most efficient solution. The smart features of some motorised treadmills allow you to burn off calories, without becoming burdened by burnout. Rather than running for long, extended periods, try short bursts of running with some breaks in between, allowing your body to burn off calories quickly while you give yourself time to recover. Short bursts of a higher speed within shorter intervals can allow you to burn calories, improve your endurance, and keep your routine entertaining, rather than running constantly at a slower pace. As some of our motorised, electric treadmills have innovative functions such as incline, you can boost your heart rate to a faster pace and begin burning belly fat quicker than ever.

Your legs are the primary area that you will target with a treadmill exercise machine. Sometimes, shorter bursts of running can begin to take a toll on your legs, so feel free to mix up your routine as and when you see fit. Using an electric treadmill to meet your goals is all about balance, which is why a state-of-the-art jogging treadmill can be an ideal solution, allowing you to pick and choose how you work out. Using your new fitness treadmill as a walking treadmill is also a great way to get in the swing of things, and once you feel more comfortable, incorporate other exercises such as walking lunges or even using dumbbells to take your fitness routine to a whole new level.

Regardless of why you want a running machine or your budget, we have the perfect home treadmill for sale to suit your workout requirements in our treadmill store. Indeed, you can shop either a new treadmill for sale or an indoor walking machine that’s been fully refurbished for a more affordable price. Additionally, why not try our range of stair climbers and steppers or cross trainers to get into shape? Using different exercise walking machines will definitely help you meet your fitness goals quicker by allowing you to target different muscle groups at home. 

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