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Vinyl Records

Timeless cover art, warmth in sound quality and classic feelings from days gone by - more and more of us are seeking LPs for sale and vinyl records to collect. In fact, plenty of artists continue to insist on bringing their albums out on vinyl records even to this day, and OnBuy's selection mixes up golden oldies with the latest hits, vinyl soundtracks and plenty more besides. Get ready to drop the needle!

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Looking to buy Vinyl Records?

Vinyl records take music back to where it all began, and we just can't get enough of them! Whether you're a progressive rock fan or a '60s Beatles enthusiast, our one-stop-shop is sure to have your pick of timeless LPs right here. So, if you're looking to buy vinyl records online, you've certainly come to the right place - our brilliant music range promises to keep you up to date with all the latest compilations and modern releases alike. Whatever your favourite genre or era, a new sound experience could be just around the corner!

Experience superior sound

To vinyl enthusiasts, nothing beats the warm and organic richness of a vintage record, primarily due to its analogue format. The solid sound quality released is why a number of modern artists insist on releasing their new albums in this way, as digital media is encoded (and often compressed) in a way that makes MP3 files and streaming services sound inferior.

Not convinced? Buy records online, from OnBuy, and try for yourself - the results might just surprise you!

How to care for your vinyl records

Many record-lovers take great pride in keeping their collections in a fantastic condition, and part of this is knowing how to handle LPs (particularly to avoid your skin's natural oils or dust affecting the grooves along a record's surface).

Vinyl records can be very fragile, so it’s important that you keep them in ship-shape condition to maintain their audio quality for the future. Ideally, you’ll want to store them in a clean, dry place, avoiding extreme temperatures and humidity (in other words, keep them away from doors, radiators, and bathrooms). This is to help prevent warping, which can lead to an unplayable LP. Never store them horizontally, either – the discs themselves are actually pretty heavy, so the weight and pressure could eventually distort their shape over time. The more vertical the record stands, the better.

Are you collecting vinyls for the first time, or are an avid lover of record players who's delighted at thought of expanding their collection? Either way, you can buy vinyls through OnBuy, to find plenty of LPs, classic albums, and hidden gems combined. Your next vintage treasure or modern classic may well be waiting for you right here!

Frequently asked questions about vinyl records

How long do vinyl records last?

Theoretically a vinyl record can last for over a century if left undisturbed it its sleeve in a perfect environment. However, unlike CDs or MP3 files, a vinyl record will degrade with successive plays as the record needle wears out the grooves. It depends how often you play the records in your collection, but each one should last for at least 100 plays.

Can I find vinyl records from modern artists?

Yes, there are many modern artists that have embraced the popularity of vinyl records, and have therefore released their latest albums in this vinyl format. Plus, thanks to the surging success of LPs, it's likely that many more artists will do the same in the future.

How can I recycle old vinyl records?

If you don't want to use your vinyl records anymore, it's quite easy to offer them as a gift to someone else, or to sell them to those who are interested. Some websites also offer a lot of creative ideas that can be used to give broken vinyl records a new purpose.

How should I handle a vinyl record?

Always handle your vinyl records at the edges, or by the inner label at the centre. Much like fingerprint damage on the data side of a CD (we’ve all been there!), oils from your skin can easily penetrate the precious grooves of a vinyl, which dust will often stick to. This could eventually affect the sound quality of all your favourite tunes, so just be wary of your hand placement.

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