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Looking to buy GoPro Cameras?

Breathtaking shots with the lens half submerged in water? Videos of Flyboarding complete with water splashes on the screen? OnBuy will let you in on a secret: they're all made possible courtesy of the GoPro camera! Offering you the chance to get creative during your activities, it's just the tool you need to keep a record of your progress as you master the Dolphin Dive or spot beautiful sea turtles that have to be shared with your followers.

What exactly is a GoPro camera?

Referred to as a camera but really more of a minuscule camcorder, the GoPro is renowned for helping adrenaline junkies capture footage of their extreme sport pursuits. Housed in rugged, robust builds, the action cameras are not only waterproof but designed for serious enthusiasm whatever the climate conditions outside.

With beginnings in the land down under, the idea behind the GoPro camera grew from surfer Nick Woodman's desire to capture awesome shots while riding the waves. Such opportunities in the late '90s required the use of expensive equipment and were therefore reserved for professional athletes; Nickman's solution to this was a small camera that could be strapped onto the user's wrist.

Enter today's GoPro camera! From the first 35mm HERO, to the latest state-of-the-art model, GoPro cameras have taken the world by storm and have inspired an entire new genre of photography since. No matter if you're a complete GoPro beginner or upgrading to the next model up, there's a GoPro camera out there for you.

Your ticket to impressive action footage

Whether you're white water rafting or perfecting your cliff diving skills for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, a GoPro camera will help you record your adventures with effortless ease and superior quality - all without the need to carry around hefty equipment that would get in the way.

Minute yet mighty, a top-range GoPro camera can pack in up to a whopping 18 megapixels to deliver spectacular blur-free stills alongside seriously smooth footage thanks to superb functions such as 1080p Live Streaming, powerful stabilisation and night lapse recording in 4K.

To control your GoPro camera at the most crucial of times, you'll have a choice of voice commands like "GoPro, take a photo" and “GoPro, start recording", allowing you to snap the shot or record the footage hands-free in the moment.

Surviving depths of to 33 feet and capturing everything from live bursts to immersive 360-degree audio, the GoPro camera gets more powerful with each release. So, between reduced wind noise and a revamped algorithm that makes detailed action shots possible like never before, you know that the latest model will never fail to impress. Ready to join the GoPro camera family?

The GoPro has long been one of the most popular types of action camera on the market for people looking to take their amateur footage to the next level. No matter whether you’re looking to film documentary-style footage, capture your best stunts and tricks on camera, or even just looking to create beautiful time-lapse videos, the GoPro is a versatile, practical camera that’s portable enough to come along on any of your adventures. Whilst the GoPro can be used for a wide range of purposes, it’s capturing adventures from the point of view of daredevils where it really comes into its own - the handheld camera can be mounted on the body to give a first-person viewpoint of the action that’s incredibly immersive and intriguing, building suspense and excitement in a way that few other cameras can.

Why are GoPro cameras so popular?

GoPros combines simplicity, practicality, and durability in one fantastic little package, covering many of the fundamental needs of most amateur photographers and videographers at a very reasonable price. For this reason, it’s easy to see why entry-level GoPro video cameras are becoming the go-to choice for beginners and professionals alike - they’re seriously the real deal when it comes to action cameras for videographers. The build quality of the GoPro is something that really stands out against the crowd when compared to other action cameras - whilst many of these capture devices can often be rather fragile, GoPro has ensured that their devices are robust and practical for their intended purpose, which often involves climbing up cliffs, surfing the waves, and hitting crazy tricks on the ice. With all of the elements to face, it’s important that your camera can stand strong against the rough and tumble that it’s likely to face when in use, which is why GoPro has designed their signature reinforced design that’s more than capable of handling a few bumps and scrapes. Modern GoPro cameras have now started to make use of the latest control technology too, enhancing the overall experience with new levels of usability and ease of access; the fantastic voice command technology helps you to capture hands-free images and videos without having to put yourself in danger during your stunts, which can lead to some of the most amazing images you’re likely to ever capture.

How to edit your crystal-clear footage

Once you’ve captured your footage, you’ll want to make sure it’s edited and stored well - thankfully, GoPro footage is very easy to utilise and manipulate thanks to the range of software options on the market. No matter whether you’re editing videos using a tablet computer or looking to polish off your clips using your laptop, we’re sure that you’ll find an editing process that’s accessible and functional on your devices. Whether you’re looking to use your GoPro to capture memories on holidays, document your biggest achievements, or simply flex your creative muscles, we’re sure you’re going to love your new action camera.
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