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Medical Oximeters

With an oximeter monitoring your oxygen levels, you can breathe a little easier! In this fantastic OnBuy category, you can find a number of brilliant oxygen monitoring devices that are painless, affordable, easy to use and accurate. Whether you’re looking for just the facts or a device that can monitor your oxygen levels as you sleep, you’ve come to the right place.

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Looking to buy Medical Oximeters?

An oximeter, also known as a pulse oximeter, works by measuring the oxygen content of your blood. These small devices are brilliant for measuring the health of friends and family members who have a condition that affects blood oxygen levels. These could be temporary illnesses like flus or long-term chronic conditions such as asthma, anemia or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

You may think that such a device would be too expensive for anyone other than hospitals to afford. On the contrary, there are many accurate and affordable oxygen monitors available on the commercial market right now! Whether you’re looking after someone who's just been discharged from hospital, or you’re worried about wheezy breathing, an oximeter from our selection can bring you peace of mind. Read on to discover the options available.

How do Oximeters work?

When you breathe, oxygen flows from your lungs into your bloodstream through thin membranes, where it's then picked up by red blood cells and carried around the body to various organs. Oxygenated blood is darker than deoxygenated blood. 

The Oximeter shines a light on a small piece of skin, which penetrates the dermal layer into the blood vessels beneath. The oxygen meter measures the amount of light absorbed, and then calculates a blood oxygen level based on that. The result will be displayed on an LED screen.

Because they need a small, thin layer of skin to work properly, most Oximeters that you’ll find on sale here clip onto either your finger or your earlobe to get a steady, accurate reading. Pulse Oximeters are non-invasive, which means that there’s nothing that enters the body at any point, and they’re completely painless!

Different Oximeter designs

While all pulse oximeters use the same principles to measure the oxygen levels of your blood, there’s a lot of variety in their additional functions. One of the simplest ways in which oximeters differ is in the types of data that they offer you. The most basic oxygen meters display oxygenation levels and nothing else. However, more advanced models double as heartbeat monitors, offering you data on your pulse rate and the waveform of your heart rate. 

Many of the oximeters you’ll see in this category have companion apps for mobile devices, which when connected upload their info directly to your smartphone or tablet. This lets you keep track of your measurements over weeks and months, and even allow you to take measurements when you or your subject are asleep.

There are also plenty of variations in design. For example you can find oximeters in this collection that are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Rather than the bulky oxygen meters that clip onto an area of your body, you can get oximeters with the same kind of wrist straps as an ordinary watch. These attach to a ring that slides over your thumb, keeping your fingers free.

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