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Tired of being tied down by contracts? Say hello to OnBuy’s selection of refurbished, unlocked iPhones! Here, you'll find a full range of refurbished iPhones for sale, unlocked so you can choose the network that suits you. Our refurbished iPhones selection includes fan favourites like the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, all the way to the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max. Forget limitations - embrace freedom by browsing the range now!

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Looking to buy Refurbished Unlocked iPhones?

iPhones have remained one of the most popular smartphones around since Apple's first phone was released in 2007, and it’s not hard to see why! They boast a wealth of advantages - tough build quality, innovative features like Face ID, and a cultivated app store full of exclusives, to name a few, but there’s one sticking point for a lot of consumers - the price. There’s no getting around paying the ‘Apple tax’ if you want an iPhone… unless you buy a refurbished, unlocked model!

This category combines two of the best ways of saving money on an iPhone, bringing refurbished iPhones and unlocked iPhones together in one place for an unbeatable mix of refreshed handsets and customisable contracts. If you want the ultimate freedom when buying iPhones, here it is!

The advantages of refurbished iPhones

All of the iPhones in this category have been given a new lease of life: Either our trusted, verified sellers have repaired the device, or Apple refurbished the phone themselves! Returned within a few days because of an easily repairable fault (or because the original owner decided they didn’t want an iPhone after all), these refurbished devices have been saved from the scrapheap, nursed back to practically box-fresh condition, and sent back out to meet a new owner. Refurbished electronics are almost always cheaper than the same product bought brand new, so they’re a fabulous way of saving money.

Our selection of unlocked, refurbished iPhones features everything from older iPhones that are nonetheless still in their prime to the newest releases. Want to benefit from the instantaneous unlocking power of Face ID? Snap up an iPhone X refurbished, or any later model. Need a phone that doubles up as a seriously impressive camera? Try an iPhone 11 refurbished that features a dual lens camera, or even an iPhone 11 Pro Max that boasts triple lenses! Or, if you want the latest iPhone around, check out the iPhone 13 Pro.

Buying a refurbished iPhone unlocked is not only a brilliant way to claw back some cash, it also helps out the environment! Along with the latest apps and a little bit of Apple magic, each iPhone is full of precious metals, including cobalt, manganese and tungsten. These valuable materials are used in the circuit boards of your phone and the battery, but they’re much harder to recycle than the glass screen or the aluminium frame - unless you recycle the whole phone at once! Buying a refurbished phone is an amazing way to prevent these precious metals from going to waste!

Why refurbished iPhones are reliable

If you’re going to buy a refurbished phone, Apple is one of the best brands to get. That’s because they support their phones with vital software and security updates far longer than most phone manufacturers do. The latest version of Apple’s phone operating system, iOS 15, will run on any iPhone from the iPhone 6s onwards. That’s over six years of critical updates, while most Android phone makers only offer support for two or three years!

Apple will also service and repair iPhones for at least 5 years after they last sold the product, so even if your refurbished iPhone develops an issue years from now, you could still get it serviced. For a full list of which iPhones are still eligible for a service, check out Apple’s relevant support page.

How to get the best deal for your unlocked iPhone

In this category, you’ll find refurbished iPhones for sale, unlocked (rather than tied to a mobile network) so you can tailor your contract - or even switch providers - to get exactly what you need for your phone, with some providers offering special deals for folks looking to get something particular.

For example, if you're a social media queen, then you might want to consider a contract from a carrier like VOXI who gives you unlimited data with social media apps, so you can catch up on everyone’s statuses wherever you are.

You can also pick up 2-in-1 deals that bundle a phone contract together with a broadband connection from companies such as Plusnet. If you’re moving into a new home, this can save you quite a bit in the long term. Make the most of your new, iPhone-enabled Wi-Fi deals with one of the top quality network routers on sale from our sellers.

Saving money on mobile data plans isn’t the only reason to switch to an unlocked iPhone; it’ll also let you make full use of the eSIM feature in the latest iPhone models. As well as being able to take calls from an ordinary nanoSIM card plugged into the device via those little cut-out trays, iPhone XS and later phones contain an eSIM - a SIM card embedded directly into the phone’s circuitry. This gives you all the benefits of dual SIM phones, like having separate numbers for your personal and work life, while keeping the phone’s size as small as possible.

While network-locked iPhones still let you use this feature, they don’t let you register the eSIM with a different network than the physical SIM card. That can make it harder to get a special SIM card for international travel, which is one of the main reasons to get a dual SIM iPhone in the first place.

Once you’ve picked your ideal refurbished, unlocked iPhone, it’s time to gear yourself up with some snazzy mobile accessories! From cases to screen protectors, you’ll find a vast selection of essentials to protect and personalise your device. Even brand-new iPhones don’t come with a power adapter anymore, so if you’re switching to iPhone from Android, make sure you pick up a USB-C charger from our mobile charging category. While you’re here, why not also check out our range of mobile phone SIM cards? From prepaid to international, we’ve got something to suit every need.

Besides our sellers’ line-up of refurbished iPhones, be sure to browse through our used iPhone selection, which is just as packed with amazing iPhone deals. Or, if you’re happier buying brand-new, our full range of iPhones contains plenty of handsets that have just rolled out of the factory, ready for that new phone feeling!

To find more deals on refurbished devices from the likes of Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi and more, check out our full selection of refurbished phones. Shop by brand, capacity, and even colour, to find the perfect mobile to suit your budget and personality. The phone you need for the life you lead; available at OnBuy.

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