Refurbished Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Pick up a trusty Dyson vacuum cleaner for a fraction of the usual cost, courtesy of the brilliant refurbished Dyson vacuum range at OnBuy. With refurbished Dyson handheld, upright, cylinder and stick models alike waiting to be discovered on our virtual shelves, your new partner in cleaning crime awaits!

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Looking to buy Refurbished Dyson Vacuum Cleaners?

Want a Dyson vacuum cleaner? We don’t blame you - they’re pretty brilliant! But they’re also rather expensive, and you might not want to pay the eye-watering price tag for one of these cleaning machines. What’s the solution? Refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners! These almost new vacuums are just as incredible at cleaning as their brand-new counterparts, they just cost less money. Hankering to find out more? Keep reading!

What are refurbished Dyson hoovers

Dyson vacuum cleaners are great pieces of kit, but that greatness comes from the fact that they’re complicated machines filled with moving parts, gaskets and seals. Like any complicated piece of machinery, they can sometimes go wrong right out of the gate. Sometimes it’s because of a misaligned piece, sometimes it’s because the normally sturdy plastic casing is cracked in transit.

Whatever the reason for these malfunctions, the Dyson vacuum never works properly, and it gets returned to the original seller almost immediately. Perhaps the fault was spotted quickly by the buyer, or maybe it was discovered in a packing warehouse. Either way, the seller sends it back to the Dyson factory for repairs, or they’re a dab hand with machinery and they’ve fixed the problem themselves.

So now the problem’s been resolved, but what happens to the newly repaired Dyson vacuum cleaner? It can’t be sold as new even though it’s working perfectly, and it’s inaccurate to call it a used Dyson vacuum cleaner, as it’s not that old. That’s where the term refurbished Dyson vacuum comes from.

The advantage to buying a Dyson refurbished is that you get a like-new machine at a deep discount. Since Dyson vacuum cleaners are a premium product worth hundreds of pounds, you can save a massive amount of money buying refurbished Dyson machines!

Sometimes OnBuy’s sellers used the term ‘reconditioned’ instead of refurbished. The word is different but the quality is the same. If you see a listing for a reconditioned Dyson vacuum it means the same as a refurbished Dyson vacuum.

What type of refurbished Dyson vacuums can I buy?

Since refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners are often returned within a few days of purchase (or, if the problem was spotted in a warehouse, before they were delivered), the range of items available to you is very similar to what you’ll find in our brand new Dyson vacuum cleaners category.

For example, we have plenty of Dyson’s popular corded Dyson Ball range. These vacuum cleaners rest on a large ball instead of the rectangular shape common among most vacuum cleaner designs. This means that when you push them along the floor they’re much more manoeuvrable, able to slip around corners and along furniture.

You’ll also find many reconditioned Dyson cordless vacuums in this category. All cordless Dyson models use a stick design as their template. A small yet powerful motor is positioned at the top of a long pole along with the dustbin, with the cleaning head at the other end. Far smaller and lighter than an ordinary Dyson, refurbished or not, they’re easier to lift up stairs and simpler to store. And they’re particularly useful for keeping small homes clean of pet hair and dust.

You’ll find all sorts of this kind of reconditioned Dyson hoovers in our collection. Do you want a refurbished Dyson V6? Our sellers have plenty of this best-selling stick cleaner. Or perhaps you want something slightly more powerful? In that case, a refurbished Dyson V8 has a better battery life and greater suction power.

Customers love our best-selling Refurbished Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

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