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Why Buy a Refurbished Mobile Phone?

  • Better value than buying outright
  • Professionally checked & repaired
  • Wider choice of models

Why Buy a Pre-Owned Mobile Phone?

  • Cheaper than a new phone
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easily replaced
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What would we do without our trusted tech? Whether you’re part of the Apple army or the Samsung squad, if you’re bound to your mobile you'll be right at home in our extensive mobile phones and accessories shop - delve in to discover everyday upgrades that pack a stylish punch.

From new smartphone releases and spare parts to chargers and cases that take them to the next level, you’ll find it all here on OnBuy. And thanks to our oh-so handy sub categories and price filters, shopping for mobile phones and accessories online has really never been so simple! 

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Why Buy a Pre-Owned Phone?

You might be dubious about the benefits of buying a pre-owned phone, whether refurbished or secondhand - especially if (like us!) you're a fan of scoring the latest releases as soon as they come out! Well, we're here to change your mind about buying pre-owned phones in just three points...

1. Buying a Pre-Owned Phone is Cheaper

The first factor is, of course, the cost. Buying a pre-owned phone is incredibly budget-friendly, and opens you up to a whole world of options you might miss out on if you only opt for the newest models. Not to mention, the money you can save can be invested in a better SIM deal.

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