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You won’t find a smarter collection of products on this eCommerce site than the ones in this Smart Home department! The categories collected here are dedicated to the time saving interconnected devices that are revolutionising the way we live our lives. If you know exactly what smart home products you’ve come to buy, click on one of the items above to browse the relevant category. Otherwise, keep reading and we’ll explain the benefits you can look forward to when you give your household an IQ boost!

What are smart home products?

Just like the smart phone revolutionised communication by adding all sorts of smart features to a mobile phone, smart home products use cutting edge technology to add extra functions to common household objects. For instance, a smart refrigerator can use AI systems to help plan your family meals and remind you to eat the food inside it before it rots.

All smart home devices are controlled by a central hub. In the early days of smart home development this used to be a bulky, separate bridge device, but these days many smart home systems can be run by a smart speaker. These gadgets work just like a normal musical speaker, until they hear the trigger word that activates their expanded functionality. Follow up the trigger word with a command and the smart speaker will pass your instructions on to the relevant connected device. It sounds complicated but smart home systems are designed to be easy for complete newcomers to pick up. Smart homes are among the most user friendly electronics out there.

What smart home products can I buy?

No matter how you’re looking to automate your home, OnBuy and our wonderful verified retailers can help you achieve a smarter, more efficient home. We’ve already mentioned that you can buy a smart refrigerator to help keep track of your perishable produce, but that’s just one example of the products you can buy in our smart appliances category. There you’ll find everything from smart ovens that can weigh your food and adjust their cooking time to voice activated fans.

A popular reason to invest in smart home technology is in order to save money in the long term. That’s the explicit purpose of smart thermostats. These products can track when they’re turned on and off and adjust their heating profiles accordingly. They’ll warn you if you leave them on accidentally and their app control panel lets you turn them off manually. These devices can pay for themselves in a few years, and then you’ll get all their additional functionality for free!

Another popular starting point for smart homes is smart security and safety products. These devices link up together to create an adaptable and effective security net for your home. Modern smart home security devices can stream real-time video of trespassers directly to your home, let you talk to callers via a two-way talk system and ward off unwanted animals with a siren. With the right smart home products, you can outwit any security threat!

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